November 6, 2018



To celebrate the AutoKill! Facebook group reaching 500 members, we’re launching a competition to win one of three epic stacks of high quality resin! The more people that enter, the bigger the prizes! Sign up for the AutoKill 500 today!

The AK 500, heralded as one of the most brutal events in the AutoKill calendar, covers the 500 mile stretch of irradiated badlands that lies between the blast gates of GigaCities 8 and 9. 

Open to all, the race has been conceived by Corporation AI's as a method of culling dangerous reprobates from both sides of the GigaCity wall whilst routinely clearing a key trade route of petro-cannibals. 



Starting in the shadow of Gate 616, contestants blast down the pipe-ways and service roads of GC8's Chemical Slums. Once past the GigaCity limits the racers streak across vast expanses of desert with little cover, traditionally showing off their latest long ranged capabilities.

Midway, the course runs through a 200 square mile boneyard where contenders weave through a maze of wrecks from some fossilised convoy, frozen in time fleeing a long forgotten war. 

Once back in the open, any survivors meander along the winding shore of GC9's highly corrosive ChemMire before rejoining the Snail Trail supply route that leads to the blast gate finish line.


The AK 500 has drawn the attention of numerous AutoKill combat sponsors offering the latest tech in prizes to those few who make it to the end. 




 AutoKill AI's are taking entries to this event over on our Facebook page, hit this link to see the full details!


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