Dice Mechanic Games is a small tabletop gaming company based in Wales.

We produce miniatures, upgrade kits and gaming aids for AutoKill, a 20mm scale free roaming auto-duel game.


AutoKill is a vehicular combat system using multiple dice and movement templates to create a sand-box style tabletop experience. Factions can be themed in any way you can imagine within the vast variety of settings. There are gangs, corporations, places and characters within the background for inspiration but the world is wide open to player creativity.


The game is set in a future Earth engaged in multiple dystopian end game scenarios. Each continent and the countries within suffer in unimagined ways. Hyper-Capitalism is the main drive of humanity with the Earth’s population at 10 billion and vast swathes of certain countries rendered uninhabitable by industry and conflict.


There are totalitarian country-states in brutal lock-down, scorched nuclear deserts and engine cities dominating bleak horizons. Almost every dystopian scenario is happening somewhere on the planet. Everyone, without exception, is out for themselves.

New technologies have evolved in the desperate struggle to avert environmental and societal catastrophe. Huge atmospheric scrubbers clean blackened skies while AI controlled road-drones patrol the highways, selecting offenders to meet their quotas.

While combustion engines are still widely used, a plethora of alternative propulsion modes have evolved to cope with the depletion of fossil fuel resources and the constant threat of environmental apocalypse. Advancements in nano and 3d printing technologies mean fast, vending machine style production is common for most objects including vehicles. It is possible to have an idea for a ride, stroll in to the nearest GigaCity showroom or illicit junk town Repro-Unit and drive it away an hour later.


Due to these new forms of production, vehicles in the world of AutoKill draw on design cues from all of automotive history; combining, editing and improving on them. They can be equipped with exotic arsenals of weaponry utilising wildly varying levels of technological advancement, from crude black powder projectiles to lethal energy weapons.

Far beyond the glistening showrooms of the GigaCities lie vast wasteland expanses scattered with petro-cannibals, exiled mutants and scavenger bandits. Nomadic groups of devolved savages have been witnessed in the most desolate areas, using salvaged half-car chariots and prehistoric
blunt force weaponry to achieve their objectives.


From the dawn of transport to the bleeding edge stylings of the future, in AutoKill no vehicle is out of place!