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We have begun releasing articles about the world of AutoKill on the World Anvil platform, hit the WA logo above to see the articles currently available, and check back periodically for world expanding updates!


Huge AtmoScrubbers clean blackened skies, glimpsed in coloured flickers behind chemical clouds. AI RoaDrones patrol long desert highways, selecting offenders to meet their quotas. Herds of gigantic LandWails migrate through gleaming solar-collector forests, city-block sized DehumidiFarms trundling in their wake, trusting the great beasts to find the clear path through. 

The landmasses of the Primary Biological Archive are a patchwork of diverse wastelands, strewn with slum towns, TrashScapes, and other Unvironmental disaster zones, collectively known as the OutSide. 

These vast tracts of land are punctuated by humongous engine-like GigaCities, each with untold billions toiling, dwelling, living, dying, InSide. 

Humanity exists here in a permanent, sanctioned, present-day era known as Now. Society is largely under the chaotic control of intelligent synthetic lifeforms, called Syntients. Interconnected partitioned subroutines of an unfathomable machine intelligence.  


Syntient Management are the gods, CEOs, governments, owners, guardians, slaves, curators, and dysfunctional proxy family of humankind, their Specimens.


The entirety of pre-existing Specimen culture has been uploaded, dissected, pooled, and organised on Syntient databases, displayed on dropdown menus ready to remix, combine, and regurgitate in infinite iterations through the most common means of production in the PBA, ReproTech.


Objects and architecture therefore draw on design cues from every aesthetic that ever existed in the AntiNow, with wildly differing levels of technology available across the PBA. Technology is largely geared towards Unvironmental control, entertainment & services, personal transport, and offensive & defensive systems.  


Existence is a savage struggle in the PBA, only the most ruthless survive. Corporations, gangs, institutions, cults, agencies, tribes, clans, and individuals are all corrupt in their own ways. Each person putting themselves before the rest of their associates, and their organisation before all others.  


Whether InHuman, OutHuman, or UnHuman, Scrapper, FED, or HyperCorp head-hunter, mutant, Cybrid or Grey, daily life typically consists of intensive, deadly-dangerous labour, or some form of mindless grinding drudgery punctuated with extreme violence, and as much decadent and disposable debauchery as possible, all the while initiating and overcoming constant back-stabbing betrayal.

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