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Bits Box Bundle

A discounted bundle of high quality resin upgrade sprues for modifying/converting 1:72-1:64 (20mm) scale die-cast vehicles in to post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk or sci fi death machines. Suitable for AutoKill, or any other car combat/auto duel tabletop game. This bundle includes an incredible 54 items at a 6% discount! Items included in the bundle:

1 x Rear Spoiler
1 x Sand Ladder
1 x R2D20 Unit
1 x Jerry Can
1 x Small Hatch
1 x Speaker
1 x Hood Scoop
1 x Mrs. Fission
1 x 7mm Square Vent
1 x Exhaust Muffler
1 x Gas Canister 
1 x V8 Interceptor Engine
2 x Twin Exhaust Mufflers
4 x Assorted Spikes
2 x Small Guns
1 x Aerial Mount (paper clip diameter)
1 x Ammo Chest
1 x Rectangular Vent, 7 x 11mm
1 x Circular Vent, 9mm diameter
1 x Crate
1 x Search Light
1 x Beacon
1 x Circular Fan, 12mm diameter
1 x 2 Part Jet Engine
1 x Winch
1 x Quad Light Bar
1 x Small Single Light
1 x Bladed Armour Plate 
1 x Optics Pod

1 x Fan

1 x Taxi Sign

2 x Armoured Windscreen variants

1 x Coffin

1 x strip of 5 Spikes

1 x Double Bladed Armour Plate

1 x Traffic Cone

1 x Satellite Dish

1 x Drone Landing Pad

1 x Traffic Barrier 

1 x AK Rig Mascot

1 x Newanderthal Skull

1 x Human Skull

1 x Hatch Opening

1 x Hatch Cover

1 x Periscope

1 x Windshield Cannon 

1 x Smaller Windshield Cannon 

1 x Supercharger

Bits Box Bundle

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