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Arms Deal Bundle

A discounted bundle of high quality resin upgrade sprues for modifying/converting 1:72-1:64 (20mm) scale die-cast vehicles in to post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk or sci fi death machines. Suitable for AutoKill, or any other car combat/auto duel tabletop game. This bundle includes an incredible 100 items at a 6% discount! Items included in the bundle:

1 x Net launcher

1 x Wind shield battle cannon

1 x 'Fat Boy' mini-nuke 

1 x Twin linked turret 

1 x Single turret

1 x MicroPanzer 

1 x Harpoon gun 

1 x Mini cannon 

1 x Mini cannon barrel 

2 x Missile pod 

1 x Point defence turret 

2 x Gun barrel 

2 x Headlight gun 

1 x Missile rack 

1 x Pop up rocket rack 

1 x Twin mini gun 

1 x Strip of 4 Heavy machine guns 

2 x 'Pop out' light machine gun 

2 x Machine gun pods

2 x Light rail gun

1 x 'Pop out' machine gun

1 x Mini Auto turret

1 x 'Pop out' mini missile launcher

1 x 'Pop out' mini rocket 

1 x Strip of 4 missile tips 

1 x Armoured windshield with weapons slot

1 x windshield mini gun

1 x windshield cannon

1 x windshield machine gun

1 x windshield energy weapon

1 x Rocket Launcher 

1 x Mini ICBM

2 x Launcher 
1 x Turret Surround
1 x Turret Base Plate
1 x Turret Ammo Feed
1 x Turret Weapon Dock
1 x Circular Turret Dock
2 x Micro Guns
1 x Flame Thrower
1 x Rocket Pod
1 x Minigun
1 x High Caliber Cannon
1 x Energy Weapon
1 x Sonic Weapon 

2 x Single Turret Mount

2 x Twin Turret Mount

2 x Quad Rocket

2 x Energy Weapon

2 x Auto Cannon

2 x Heavy Machine Gun

2 x Missile Pod

2 x Mini-Gun
2 x Blaster

1 x Kinetic Super Booster

1 x Arc Lightning Generator

1 x Arc Lightning Projector Gun

1 x Frequency Weapon

1 x Flamer Thrower

1 x Flame Thrower Fuel

1 x Mortar Base/Tube

1 x Mortar Stand

1 x Heavy Machine Gun

1 x 125mm cannon

1 x Magnetic Jammer

1 x Oil Slick Dropper

1 x Caltrop Dropper

2 x Armour Plates

1 x Mini-Gun

2 x Rocket Tubes

1 x Machine Gun

1 x Smoke

1 x Nitro Booster

1 x Molotov Cocktail Crate

1 x Grenade Crate

1 x Molotov Cocktail

1 x Stick Grenade

2 x Smoke Grenade Cluster

2 x Mounted Rocket Tubes

Arms Deal Bundle

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