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Armoured Wheel Covers: The Issue

On larger armoured vehicles the stock wheels of many die cast brands can look especially unfit for purpose.


This tutorial lets you create affordable heavily armoured wheel covers that sit on or over the existing rims of 12mm + diameter wheels (also a common size for the larger rear wheels on regular die cast cars).


These wheel covers are made from 12mm screw cover caps, designed to conceal cross head screws. These plastic caps can vary slightly in depth, curvature and edge thickness but should all work well visually. Being plastic they take glue (especially poly cement) and primer very well.


Screw caps are commonly available in white, black and brown so it’s worth considering which colour to use if the finished model’s getting heavy gaming use and the paint might chip.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 22.47.28.png
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