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Disassembly: Method

  • Secure the vehicle upside down in a vice, or hold firmly against a suitable surface for drilling.


  • Register the tip of the drill bit in the centre of the rivet and ensure the drill bit is positioned perpendicular to the vehicle.


  • Drill at a slow speed to avoid removing more material than necessary. Providing you don't remove too much of the rivet post or chassis surround the layers will clip and hold together under tension.


  • Once you've finished modding your vehicle the layers can be permanently secured with either a small application of super glue or modelling putty.

Pro tip: 

  • For a really controlled and clean job drill a pilot hole with a 1.5mm bit.


  • Drill approximately 3mm into the rivet post. 


  • As the 1.5mm bit locates exactly in the centre of the rivet head it allows the 4-5mm bit to follow removing an even amount of material from exactly where you want it.

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