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Paint Removal: Method

  • Place the metal body part to be stripped in the jam jar.

  • Fill the jar with paint stripper until the part is submerged.

  • Seal the jam jar firmly and store away safely for at least an hour or preferably overnight.

  • The longer you leave it the less work you will have to do!

  • Wearing your rubber gloves and eye protection, carefully remove the model whilst brushing excess paint stripper and any loose paint back into the jar with the toothbrush. Be sure to reseal the jam jar to contain the fumes and prevent possible spillage. The stripper can be reused almost indefinitely, the thicker solutions wont evaporate and although it will discolour with paint debris it will continue to strip paint.

  • Rinse the model under gently running water (to avoid splashes) 

  • Scrub clean with a stiff bristled tooth brush, ideal for getting into awkward recesses especially underneath the body and around the rivet posts. Scrub away from your body to avoid spray.

  • Paint that stays in recessed areas of relief such as panel lines, grills, around head lights etc can be removed with a cocktail stick.

  • Dry the body thoroughly with a soft cloth. 

  • Scrub the body with your large wire brush to remove any oxidisation, (if the body is much smaller than the wire brush it can be easier to run the part over the brush than the brush over the part). This process can generate small quantities of metal dust so if you’re treating multiple vehicles be sure to do this in a suitable and well ventilated area and wear a mask. 

  • If any stubborn areas persist, soak again overnight and scrub.




  • Once the paint is removed you’ll often notice seams from the casting process. Now is the time to remove those if required with a fine metal file or sanding pad.

  • Store your vehicle in a sealed baggy to keep the parts together, clean and to prevent oxidisation.

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