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Weathering a Factory Paint Job: The Issue

Many die cast cars come out the packet with killer paint jobs that would be a crime to strip or paint over, often with decals that would be seriously challenging or costly to reproduce. Even plain factory paint jobs can include fine details such as lights and number plates that are worth keeping. When you're only paying a coin for a car having it pro-painted is an incredible bonus! 


A simple method for preserving the factory paint job is to spray the body with matt varnish which keys the surface for paints, inks and weathering pigments. This opens up a world of narrative dirt, grime and rust effects that will bring your ride to life. The application of matt varnish also takes the edge off that box fresh showroom look transforming a shiny toy into the basis for a realistic model. The interior and base can be primed and painted normally however this method will work on them too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 22.51.48.png
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