The AutoKill Upgrades range just got bigger. Fine tune your perfect loadout with a brand new arsenal of custom vehicular ordinance for AutoKill! Choose from trusted genre classics and state of the art hardware to ingenious exotics and devastating military tech. You'll find a weapon for every engagement, from ambush, dogfight and all out road war. Welcome to the future of car combat armament. Check out the Mega Bundle HERE Manufactured in high quality resin by Zinge Industries.


The latest version of AutoKill has been added to the rules section of the site! It brings a multitude of exciting and expansive new rules to the game. There are now 5 different vehicle classes to accommodate any vehicle size, weight or toughness; vehicles can now be occupied by multiple crew with varying skills and abilities; and there are even some new physics bringing the game in to the third dimension. There is also a new distinction between need-to-know core rules, and more advanced granularity for people to investigate once they are familiar with the base game. Check out the latest version of AutoKill here:

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