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DMG present a hard hitting new character for AutoKill in dynamic driver and pedestrian poses! As with our previous crew, they can be used to represent a single character or as individuals in a gang. At the wheel this cranium studded NonComp rocks a chopped SKUM suit, scanning the road from behind a leering mask.

On foot, he wields a fearsome maul that’ll pummel your opponents crew into the SynthMac.

To prove the point we have our first casualty mini. His SKUM suit is capable of suppressing major kinetic blows, unfortunately his helmet was not. This mini is ideal as an objective marker, part of a terrain piece or strapped to a vehicle as a trophy!

Sculpted in 20mm by Steve at Coolhand Customs these highly detailed resin miniatures are designed for 1:64 die-cast vehicle conversions. They are available for purchase in store now!


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