THE MORE PEOPLE THAT ENTER, THE BIGGER THE PRIZES! To celebrate the AutoKill! Facebook group reaching 500 members, we’re launching a competition to win one of three epic stacks of high quality resin! The more people that enter, the bigger the prizes! Sign up for the AutoKill 500 today! The AK 500, heralded as one of the most brutal events in the AutoKill calendar, covers the 500 mile stretch of irradiated badlands that lies between the blast gates of GigaCities 8 and 9. Open to all, the race has been conceived by Corporation AI's as a method of culling dangerous reprobates from both sides of the GigaCity wall whilst routinely clearing a key trade route of petro-cannibals. Starting in the sha


Be your opponents worst nightmare with these evil new AutoKill upgrades! We've updated the store with three new products and a new bundle, and also adjusted the Bits Box and Mega Bundles to incorporate the new gear. First up, introducing 4 devastating wheel spike configurations designed to shred and grind your enemies tyres and armour to worthless scrap. These have been added to our existing wheel spikes sprue to form a brand new bundle of wicked wheel weaponry! Prepare for the inevitable with the ‘Death & Taxis’ sprue. From keeping cool in traffic and earning a few extra UniCreds, to impaling your victims and reserving your parking space, this sprue will take care of you, one way or another

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