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Strap up your SkumSuit and punch the SynthHydrazine, the AutoKill range has gone into overdrive!!

DMG are taking you on a white knuckle ride of modding options with even more insane firepower, terrifying tech and rubber burning brutality!!

‘Crash and Burn’ puts your enemies in a spin with some passive options then lets you light them up with Molotov cocktails, grenades, rockets and more!

If you prefer unleashing experimental mayhem then ‘Mad Science’ brings devious new ways to disrupt, frazzle and disintegrate your targets with magnetic, energy and frequency weapons in the mix.

The AutoKill range was developed to meet all your car combat gaming needs and these sprues are no exception. As well as beefing out your AutoKill weapons selection they cover all your ranged loadout options from the classic Gaslands arsenal!

If ‘head on’ is more your style then ‘Red Steel’ will have you ploughing, tearing and exploding through your enemies with a savage array of rams.

To get you into combat in style we’re proud to present 10 new high quality wheel sets from our partners Zinge Industries. This new range features 5 tread types in 2 useful sizes for all your all-terrain requirements.

Ever think you might be safer in a tank? Transform your favourite ride into an actual war machine with our new ‘Tread Head’ and ‘Tanked Up’ track kits!

So whats cooler than cars with guns? How about giant stompy robot cars with guns! The ‘Mecha Move’ sprue lets you bring a mech to a car fight with 4 powerful legs and wheel arch sockets.

To get all this destruction underway we’re adding our second piece of terrain with a pair of sturdy ‘Starting Lights’.

Check the DMG web store for all this plus new themed bundles (not least the new 395 component Mega Bundle!) that allow you to target your specific requirements for maximum value!

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