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Welcome to the DethCity1000! KillMedia’s premier asset, ThoughtCast live to the chaos of The Fury! We're running a themed build contest on Facebook to celebrate the AutoKill! group passing 1000 members!

To get the creative cylinders firing, dive into DMG’s rich universe of brutal DethSports, twisted technologies, and dark automotive adventure in a brand new wiki hosted on World Anvil.

In this first instalment, we dare you to delve into the bleakest corners of the Labour Banishment Nexus. A savage new AutoKill environment with unique locations, organisations, and dangers to test your crew to the limits of their sanity and endurance.

The vast and complex sprawl of LBN offers just a glimpse into the world of AutoKill, there's a lot more to come in an ongoing series of World Anvil articles covering the immense AutoKill universe in great detail, bringing new frontiers to your car combat gaming.

The "World" tab will now contain a link to the new wiki, so check back for more content!


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